I like this ad and found it very effective. It’s simple, creative and catches the viewers attention. The image – two people running outdoors- is a great visualization of the store and its message. REI specializes in outdoor gear and equipment, so their customers are going to be interested in out door activiites.

The phrase, “A coffee run doesn’t quite compare,” has an emotional appeal- It’s humorous. It mocks those who don’t actually participate in outdoor activities, which is funny to those who do. Then,the ads tells the viewer an important piece of information that sets REI apart from its competitors,”your one stop shop”. There customers doesn’t have to go anywhere else if they go to REI. Lastly, they include a crucial piece of information- their location. Including your location in the copy of an ad is very effective because if gives the consumer more incentive to come into the store if they don’t have to worry about finding the location.

The playful white font mimics they playful action in the background. It’s also refreshing and complements the skyline above it.


Slim Fast

I saw this ad and immediately started laughing. I love the simplicity and humor behind the ad. Although the targeted audience might be very narrow, anyone can still see this ad and get the message: slim fast helps you loose weight fast. Especially when one is crunched for time, like right before a wedding, slim fast would be the ideal drink.

The copy in this ad is also very simple and straight to the point. Instead of providing statistics for how many people loose weight by drinking Slim Fast, the company asks a simple question- “Need to loose a little weight before your wedding?” Since this is a thought that crosses many brides’ minds, the ad is very effective. Plus, by directly asking the question, Slim Fast puts the idea in the consumers head even if they weren’t thinking that they needed to loose weight.

Visually, I think that this ad is done relatively well. The image focused on the main part of the ad – the middle of the cake where the bride has fallen in. The image of the product being sold is small, but still present in the corner of the ad. The white slanted font pops against the background and mimics a font style that you might seem on a wedding invitation. Slim Fast is relatively well know, so I’m guessing that is why the ad doesn’t include any more information. The ad is more concerned with reminding viewers why they should drink slim fast.


Powerful Pomegranate

This advertisement by POM for their pomegranate juice is very effective. The headline is captivating and applies to everyone- Cheat Death. Although, this is absurd and not very practical, it’s still bound to grab the readers attention. The headline does exactly what it should and it’s presented in a very clean bold way. In the copy that follows, POM draws attention to a health benefit of their drink- it’s 100% real. They emphasize this feature they state that the solution to cheating death is the antioxidant power if the pomegranate juice.

The image used in the ad is somewhat evocative, but it gets the message across in a simple and direct manner. The noose around the bottle’s neck is a symbol for death that everyone can recognize. It’s shocking, but still grads the viewers attention. Despite the chilling message of cheating death, the warm colors used in the ad invite the viewer in and maintain the simplistic nature of the ad.

I found the simple, short copy for this ad very effective. Sometimes, short copy is all that you need.

Blog Comment- Madeleine

I’m not that well versed in politics but I think that Obama has done a good job so far, despite his popularity among Americans. I don’t think that anyone knew the depth and magnitude of the challenges he would be faced with once he came into office. The administration before him left a huge mess for Obama to clean up and I think that it’s going to be a while before the positive results from his administration really sink in. His job is a tough one, but I think that he’s handled it well thus far.

Blog Comment- Meg

Like everyone else, I agree that this had is ineffective. I’m not sure how Sketchers is doing in their market, but from the amount of people that I see wearing Sketchers, I’m guessing their not a big threat to major competitors. The shoe business is a competitive industry, so they need to make themselves standout, which they have yet to do. This ad focuses on the lifestyle that goes with wearing Sketchers, but they only have a picture of two people dancing. The image is fun, but is that the message you want to be sending to the consumers. To battle the competition I would think that they would need to add more copy.

Blog Comment- Meg

I’m a firm believe in less is more. This ad is effective because it is simple and clean. Most ads that try to warn people against smoking are filled with statistics, which are useful and informative, but are very typical. This ad takes a message that is constantly beaten to death- for good reason- and presents in a different way.

Blog Comment- Erica

I love coffee, but I can only imagine how hard it is for someone to open up a coffee shop compete with all of the coffee shops in town. It’s hard to differentiate yourself from other companies because there are so many coffee shops. Especially in Austin, but luckily people in Austin really support local businesses.

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