I like this ad and found it very effective. It’s simple, creative and catches the viewers attention. The image – two people running outdoors- is a great visualization of the store and its message. REI specializes in outdoor gear and equipment, so their customers are going to be interested in out door activiites.

The phrase, “A coffee run doesn’t quite compare,” has an emotional appeal- It’s humorous. It mocks those who don’t actually participate in outdoor activities, which is funny to those who do. Then,the ads tells the viewer an important piece of information that sets REI apart from its competitors,”your one stop shop”. There customers doesn’t have to go anywhere else if they go to REI. Lastly, they include a crucial piece of information- their location. Including your location in the copy of an ad is very effective because if gives the consumer more incentive to come into the store if they don’t have to worry about finding the location.

The playful white font mimics they playful action in the background. It’s also refreshing and complements the skyline above it.


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