Slim Fast

I saw this ad and immediately started laughing. I love the simplicity and humor behind the ad. Although the targeted audience might be very narrow, anyone can still see this ad and get the message: slim fast helps you loose weight fast. Especially when one is crunched for time, like right before a wedding, slim fast would be the ideal drink.

The copy in this ad is also very simple and straight to the point. Instead of providing statistics for how many people loose weight by drinking Slim Fast, the company asks a simple question- “Need to loose a little weight before your wedding?” Since this is a thought that crosses many brides’ minds, the ad is very effective. Plus, by directly asking the question, Slim Fast puts the idea in the consumers head even if they weren’t thinking that they needed to loose weight.

Visually, I think that this ad is done relatively well. The image focused on the main part of the ad – the middle of the cake where the bride has fallen in. The image of the product being sold is small, but still present in the corner of the ad. The white slanted font pops against the background and mimics a font style that you might seem on a wedding invitation. Slim Fast is relatively well know, so I’m guessing that is why the ad doesn’t include any more information. The ad is more concerned with reminding viewers why they should drink slim fast.



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