Blog Comment- Madeleine

I’m not that well versed in politics but I think that Obama has done a good job so far, despite his popularity among Americans. I don’t think that anyone knew the depth and magnitude of the challenges he would be faced with once he came into office. The administration before him left a huge mess for Obama to clean up and I think that it’s going to be a while before the positive results from his administration really sink in. His job is a tough one, but I think that he’s handled it well thus far.


Blog Comment- Meg

Like everyone else, I agree that this had is ineffective. I’m not sure how Sketchers is doing in their market, but from the amount of people that I see wearing Sketchers, I’m guessing their not a big threat to major competitors. The shoe business is a competitive industry, so they need to make themselves standout, which they have yet to do. This ad focuses on the lifestyle that goes with wearing Sketchers, but they only have a picture of two people dancing. The image is fun, but is that the message you want to be sending to the consumers. To battle the competition I would think that they would need to add more copy.

Blog Comment- Meg

I’m a firm believe in less is more. This ad is effective because it is simple and clean. Most ads that try to warn people against smoking are filled with statistics, which are useful and informative, but are very typical. This ad takes a message that is constantly beaten to death- for good reason- and presents in a different way.

Blog Comment- Erica

I love coffee, but I can only imagine how hard it is for someone to open up a coffee shop compete with all of the coffee shops in town. It’s hard to differentiate yourself from other companies because there are so many coffee shops. Especially in Austin, but luckily people in Austin really support local businesses.

Blog Comment- Natalie

I’m confused as to why this is still an issue. Seriously. It amazes me how much progress human kind has made, yet people who are homosexual have to hide their identity while they are serving in the army. They are giving their lives to this country and the country can’t except them for who they are because it will jeopardize the structure and mentality of the program. Why does their sexual preference matter this much. If you can’t handle homosexuality then you need to grow up.

Blog Comment- Eleanor’s Blog

I don’t understand how people have all of this free time to even do things as silly as create fake twitter accounts. I tried to get a twitter account about a month ago and that was stressful enough for me, I don’t see how an adult with an actual job has time to play around and be juvenile. LIke most things, social media has its drawbacks too.

Blog Comment- Courtney’s Blog

I really like this ad. Nike always does a good job with their advertisements. First off, their target audience is obviously women, but I like how you don’t see the woman’s face, or even the rest of her body. She could be anyone. I also like how they chose to use a gradient color for her skin tone- eliminating ethnicity automatically connects everyone women to this ad. The copy is effective because it’s not like every other ad that is simply telling you about the product. It’s reminding you why you want to buy their product.

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